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Coe, J.B.; Young, I.; Lambert, K.; Dysart, L.; Nogueira Borden, L.; Rajic, A. A scoping review of published research on the relinquishment of companion animals 2014 Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science : JAAWS 17 253-73 details   doi
Cai, C.; Li, H.; Edwards, J.; Hawkins, C.; Robertson, I.D. Meta-analysis on the efficacy of routine vaccination against foot and mouth disease (FMD) in China 2014 Preventive Veterinary Medicine 115 94-100 details   doi
Kamioka, H.; Okada, S.; Tsutani, K.; Park, H.; Okuizumi, H.; Handa, S.; Oshio, T.; Park, S.J.; Kitayuguchi, J.; Abe, T.; Honda, T.; Mutoh, Y. Effectiveness of animal-assisted therapy: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials 2014 Complementary Therapies in Medicine 22 371-390 details   doi
Sales, J. Quantification of the effects of castration on carcass and meat quality of sheep by meta-analysis 2014 Meat Science 98 858-68 details   doi
Diraviyam, T.; Zhao, B.; Wang, Y.; Schade, R.; Michael, A.; Zhang, X. Effect of chicken egg yolk antibodies (IgY) against diarrhea in domesticated animals: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2014 PloS One 9 e97716 details   doi
Bergh, M.S.; Budsberg, S.C. A systematic review of the literature describing the efficacy of surgical treatments for canine hip dysplasia (1948-2012) 2014 Veterinary Surgery : VS 43 501-6 details   doi
de Boer, M.W.; LeBlanc, S.J.; Dubuc, J.; Meier, S.; Heuwieser, W.; Arlt, S.; Gilbert, R.O.; McDougall, S. Invited review: Systematic review of diagnostic tests for reproductive-tract infection and inflammation in dairy cows 2014 Journal of Dairy Science 97 3983-99 details   doi
Zambrano, L.D.; Levy, K.; Menezes, N.P.; Freeman, M.C. Human diarrhea infections associated with domestic animal husbandry: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2014 Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 108 313-325 details   doi
Adell, A.D.; Miller, W.A.; Harvey, D.J.; Van Wormer, E.; Wuertz, S.; Conrad, P.A. Individual subject meta-analysis of parameters for Giardia duodenalis shedding in animal experimental models 2014 BioMed Research International 2014 476142 details   doi
Vanderburg, S.; Rubach, M.P.; Halliday, J.E.; Cleaveland, S.; Reddy, E.A.; Crump, J.A. Epidemiology of Coxiella burnetii infection in Africa: a OneHealth systematic review 2014 PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 8 e2787 details   doi
Hirst, J.A.; Howick, J.; Aronson, J.K.; Roberts, N.; Perera, R.; Koshiaris, C.; Heneghan, C. The need for randomization in animal trials: an overview of systematic reviews 2014 PLoS One 9 e98856 details   doi
Brioudes, A.; Warner, J.; Hedlefs, R.; Gummow, B. A review of domestic animal diseases within the Pacific Islands region 2014 Acta Tropica 132 23-38 details   doi
Anderson, S.L.; Duke-Novakovski, T.; Singh, B. The immune response to anesthesia: Part 2 sedatives, opioids, and injectable anesthetic agents 2014 Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia 41 553-66 details   doi
Anestis, M.D.; Anestis, J.C.; Zawilinski, L.L.; Hopkins, T.A.; Lilienfeld, S.O. Equine-related treatments for mental disorders lack empirical support: a systematic review of empirical investigations 2014 Journal of Clinical Psychology 70 1115-32 details   doi
Blajman, J.E.; Frizzo, L.S.; Zbrun, M.V.; Astesana, D.M.; Fusari, M.L.; Soto, L.P.; Rosmini, M.R.; Signorini, M.L. Probiotics and broiler growth performance: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials 2014 British Poultry Science 55 483-94 details   doi
Dhollander, S.; Belsham, G.J.; Lange, M.; Willgert, K.; Alexandrov, T.; Chondrokouki, E.; Depner, K.; Khomenko, S.; Ozyoruk, F.; Salman, M.; Thulke, H.H.; Botner, A. Assessing the potential spread and maintenance of foot-and-mouth disease virus infection in wild ungulates: general principles and application to a specific scenario in Thrace 2014 Transboundary and Emerging Diseases Epublication ahead of print details   doi
Bougouin, A.; Appuhamy, J.A.; Kebreab, E.; Dijkstra, J.; Kwakkel, R.P.; France, J. Effects of phytase supplementation on phosphorus retention in broilers and layers: A meta-analysis 2014 Poultry Science 93 1981-92 details   doi
Bush, E.R.; Baker, S.E.; Macdonald, D.W. Global trade in exotic pets 2006-2012 2014 Conservation Biology : the journal of the Society for Conservation Biology 28 663-676 details   doi
Wylie, C.E.; Carbonell-Antonanzas, M.; Aiassa, E.; Dhollander, S.; Zagmutt, F.J.; Brodbelt, D.C.; Solano-Gallego, L. A systematic review of the efficacy of prophylactic control measures for naturally-occurring canine leishmaniosis, part I: Vaccinations 2014 Preventive Veterinary Medicine 117 7-18 details   doi
Wylie, C.E.; Carbonell-Antonanzas, M.; Aiassa, E.; Dhollander, S.; Zagmutt, F.J.; Brodbelt, D.C.; Solano-Gallego, L. A systematic review of the efficacy of prophylactic control measures for naturally occurring canine leishmaniosis. Part II: Topically applied insecticide treatments and prophylactic medications 2014 Preventive Veterinary Medicine 117 19-27 details   doi
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