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Cortinovis, C.; Pizzo, F.; Caloni, F. Poisoning of dogs and cats by drugs intended for human use 2015 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 203 52-58 details   doi
Gostelow, R.; Forcada, Y.; Graves, T.; Church, D.; Niessen, S. Systematic review of feline diabetic remission: Separating fact from opinion 2014 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 202 208-21 details   doi
van Knegsel, A.T.; van der Drift, S.G.; Cermakova, J.; Kemp, B. Effects of shortening the dry period of dairy cows on milk production, energy balance, health, and fertility: A systematic review 2013 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 198 707-13 details   doi
Arrighi, S. The urothelium: anatomy, review of the literature, perspectives for veterinary medicine 2015 Annals of Anatomy = Anatomischer Anzeiger : official organ of the Anatomische Gesellschaft 198 73-82 details   doi
Wolf, J.C.; Wheeler, J.R. A critical review of histopathological findings associated with endocrine and non-endocrine hepatic toxicity in fish models 2018 Aquatic Toxicology 197 60-78 details   doi
Kipper, M.; Andretta, I.; Lehnen, C.R.; Lovatto, P.A.; Monteiro, S.G. Meta-analysis of the performance variation in broilers experimentally challenged by Eimeria spp 2013 Veterinary Parasitology 196 77-84 details   doi
Belo, V.S.; Struchiner, C.J.; Werneck, G.L.; Barbosa, D.S.; de Oliveira, R.B.; Neto, R.G.; da Silva, E.S. A systematic review and meta-analysis of the factors associated with Leishmania infantum infection in dogs in Brazil 2013 Veterinary Parasitology 195 1-13 details   doi
Buczinski, S.; Tsuka, T.; Tharwat, M. The diagnostic criteria used in bovine bacterial endocarditis: a meta-analysis of 460 published cases from 1973 to 2011 2012 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 193 349-357 details   doi
Potterton, S.L.; Bell, N.J.; Whay, H.R.; Berry, E.A.; Atkinson, O.C.; Dean, R.S.; Main, D.C.; Huxley, J.N. A descriptive review of the peer and non-peer reviewed literature on the treatment and prevention of foot lameness in cattle published between 2000 and 2011 2012 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 193 612-616 details   doi
Wylie, C.E.; Collins, S.N.; Verheyen, K.L.; Newton, J.R. Risk factors for equine laminitis: a systematic review with quality appraisal of published evidence 2012 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 193 58-66 details   doi
Faggion, C.M., Jr.; Listl, S.; Giannakopoulos, N.N. The methodological quality of systematic reviews of animal studies in dentistry 2012 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 192 140-147 details   doi
Klopfleisch, R.; Sperling, C.; Kershaw, O.; Gruber, A.D. Does the taking of biopsies affect the metastatic potential of tumours? A systematic review of reports on veterinary and human cases and animal models 2011 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 190 e31-42 details   doi
Wylie, C.E.; Collins, S.N.; Verheyen, K.L.; Richard Newton, J. Frequency of equine laminitis: a systematic review with quality appraisal of published evidence 2011 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 189 248-256 details   doi
Aghajafari, F.; Murphy, K.; Matthews, S.; Ohlsson, A.; Amankwah, K.; Hannah, M. Repeated doses of antenatal corticosteroids in animals: a systematic review 2002 American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 186 843-849 details   doi
Granger, N.; Smith, P.M.; Jeffery, N.D. Clinical findings and treatment of non-infectious meningoencephalomyelitis in dogs: a systematic review of 457 published cases from 1962 to 2008 2010 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 184 290-297 details   doi
Pratt, N.; Rajeev, S. Leptospira seroprevalence in animals in the Caribbean region: A systematic review 2018 Acta Tropica 182 34-42 details   doi
Duncan, A.J.; Gunn, G.J.; Humphry, R.W. Difficulties arising from the variety of testing schemes used for bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) 2016 Veterinary Record 178 292 details   doi
Klevenhusen, F.; Muro-Reyes, A.; Khiaosa-Ard, R.; Metzler-Zebeli, B.U.; Zebeli, Q. A meta-analysis of effects of chemical composition of incubated diet and bioactive compounds on in vitro ruminal fermentation 2012 Animal Feed Science and Technology 176 61-69 details   doi
Mathie, R.T.; Clausen, J. Veterinary homeopathy: systematic review of medical conditions studied by randomised placebo-controlled trials 2014 The Veterinary Record 175 373-81 details   doi
Lean, I.J.; Celi, P.; Raadsma, H.; McNamara, J.; Rabiee, A.R. Effects of dietary crude protein on fertility: meta-analysis and meta-regression 2012 Animal Feed Science and Technology 171 31-42 details   doi
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