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Kamioka, H.; Okada, S.; Tsutani, K.; Park, H.; Okuizumi, H.; Handa, S.; Oshio, T.; Park, S.J.; Kitayuguchi, J.; Abe, T.; Honda, T.; Mutoh, Y. Effectiveness of animal-assisted therapy: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials 2014 Complementary Therapies in Medicine 22 371-390 details   doi
Ariza, J.M.; Relun, A.; Bareille, N.; Oberle, K.; Guatteo, R. Effectiveness of collective treatments in the prevention and treatment of bovine digital dermatitis lesions: A systematic review 2017 Journal of Dairy Science Epublication ahead of print details   doi
Siedler, C.; Buchner, H.H.F. Effectiveness of shock wave therapy in equine orthopaedic diseases: a review 2009 Wiener Tierarztliche Monatsschrift 96 262-271 details   url
Lopez-Gatius, F.; Yaniz, J.; Madriles-Helm, D. Effects of body condition score and score change on the reproductive performance of dairy cows: a meta-analysis 2003 Theriogenology 59 801-812 details   doi
Lean, I.J.; Celi, P.; Raadsma, H.; McNamara, J.; Rabiee, A.R. Effects of dietary crude protein on fertility: meta-analysis and meta-regression 2012 Animal Feed Science and Technology 171 31-42 details   doi
Rodney, R.M.; Celi, P.; Scott, W.; Breinhild, K.; Lean, I.J. Effects of dietary fat on fertility of dairy cattle: A meta-analysis and meta-regression 2015 Journal of Dairy Science 98 5601-5620 details   doi
Rabiee, A.R.; Lean, I.J.; Stevenson, M.A.; Socha, M.T. Effects of feeding organic trace minerals on milk production and reproductive performance in lactating dairy cows: a meta-analysis 2010 Journal of Dairy Science 93 4239-4251 details   doi
Dettenmaier, S.J.; Messmer, T.A.; Hovick, T.J.; Dahlgren, D.K. Effects of livestock grazing on rangeland biodiversity: A meta-analysis of grouse populations 2017 Ecology and Evolution 7 7620-7627 details   doi
Bashardoust Tajali, S.; Macdermid, J.C.; Houghton, P.; Grewal, R. Effects of low power laser irradiation on bone healing in animals: a meta-analysis 2010 Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 5 1 details   doi
Asmad, K.; Nakagawa, S.; Lopez-Villalobos, N.; Kenyon, P.R.; Pain, S.J.; Blair, H.T. Effects of maternal nutrition during pregnancy on the growth and reproductive development of male sheep: a meta-analysis 2012 Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production 72 51-7 details   url
Kashangura, R.; Sena, E.S.; Young, T.; Garner, P. Effects of MVA85A vaccine on tuberculosis challenge in animals: systematic review 2015 International Journal of Epidemiology Epublication ahead of print details   doi
Bougouin, A.; Appuhamy, J.A.; Kebreab, E.; Dijkstra, J.; Kwakkel, R.P.; France, J. Effects of phytase supplementation on phosphorus retention in broilers and layers: A meta-analysis 2014 Poultry Science 93 1981-92 details   doi
Frizzo, L.S.; Zbrun, M.V.; Soto, L.P.; Signorini, M.L. Effects of probiotics on growth performance in young calves: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials 2011 Animal Feed Science and Technology 169 147-156 details   doi
van Knegsel, A.T.; van der Drift, S.G.; Cermakova, J.; Kemp, B. Effects of shortening the dry period of dairy cows on milk production, energy balance, health, and fertility: A systematic review 2013 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 198 707-13 details   doi
Ferraretto, L.F.; Shaver, R.D. Effects of whole-plant corn silage hybrid type on intake, digestion, ruminal fermentation, and lactation performance by dairy cows through a meta-analysis 2015 Journal of Dairy Science 98 2662-2675 details   doi
Miguel, J.C.; Rodriguez-Zas, S.L.; Pettigrew, J.E. Efficacy of a mannan oligosaccharide (Bio-MosReg.) for improving nursery pig performance 2004 Journal of Swine Health and Production 12 296-307 details   url
Hsu, S.M.; Chen, T.H.; Wang, C.H. Efficacy of avian influenza vaccine in poultry: a meta-analysis 2010 Avian Diseases 54 1197-1209 details   doi
Newcomer, B.W.; Walz, P.H.; Givens, M.D.; Wilson, A.E. Efficacy of bovine viral diarrhea virus vaccination to prevent reproductive disease: A meta-analysis 2015 Theriogenology 83 360-365.e1 details   doi
Rabiee, A.R.; Lean, I.J.; Stevenson, M.A. Efficacy of Ovsynch program on reproductive performance in dairy cattle: a meta-analysis 2005 Journal of Dairy Science 88 2754-2770 details   doi
Yan, L.; Robinson, R.; Shi, Z.; Mann, G. Efficacy of progesterone supplementation during early pregnancy in cows: A meta-analysis 2016 Theriogenology 85 1390-1398 e1 details   doi
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