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Martinez-Gutierrez, M.; Ruiz-Saenz, J. Diversity of susceptible hosts in canine distemper virus infection: a systematic review and data synthesis 2016 BMC Veterinary Research 12 78 details   doi
Souter, M.A.; Miller, M.D. Do animal-assisted activities effectively treat depression? A meta-analysis 2007 Anthrozoos 20 167-180 details   doi
Bucher, O.; Rajic, A.; Waddell, L.A.; Greig, J.; McEwen, S.A. Do any spray or dip treatments, applied on broiler chicken carcasses or carcass parts, reduce Salmonella spp. prevalence and/or concentration during primary processing? A systematic review-meta-analysis 2012 Food Control 27 351-361 details   doi
Lazarus, B.; Paterson, D.L.; Mollinger, J.L.; Rogers, B.A. Do human extraintestinal Escherichia coli infections resistant to expanded-spectrum cephalosporins originate from food-producing animals? A systematic review 2015 Clinical Infectious Diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America 60 439-52 details   doi
Gray, M.E.; Cameron, E.Z. Does contraceptive treatment in wildlife result in side effects? A review of quantitative and anecdotal evidence 2010 Reproduction (Cambridge, England) 139 45-55 details   doi
Klopfleisch, R.; Sperling, C.; Kershaw, O.; Gruber, A.D. Does the taking of biopsies affect the metastatic potential of tumours? A systematic review of reports on veterinary and human cases and animal models 2011 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) 190 e31-42 details   doi
Fechter-Leggett, E.D.; Like, B.; Vigneau, D.L.; Jarvin, L.; Lindenmayer, J.M. Education of veterinary medical and other public health providers: linking interventions with health outcomes 2011 Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 38 171-183 details   doi
Jessen, L.R.; Sorensen, T.M.; Bjornvad, C.R.; Nielsen, S.S.; Guardabassi, L. Effect of antibiotic treatment in canine and feline urinary tract infections: A systematic review 2014 Veterinary Journal (London, England : 1997) Epublication ahead of print details   doi
McCrackin, M.A.; Helke, K.L.; Galloway, A.M.; Poole, A.Z.; Salgado, C.D.; Marriott, B.P. Effect of Antimicrobial Use in Agricultural Animals on Drug-resistant Foodborne Campylobacteriosis in Humans: A Systematic Literature Review 2015 Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition Epublication ahead of print details   doi
Chen, B.; Wang, C.; Wang, Y.M.; Liu, J.X. Effect of biotin on milk performance of dairy cattle: a meta-analysis 2011 Journal of Dairy Science 94 3537-3546 details   doi
Diraviyam, T.; Zhao, B.; Wang, Y.; Schade, R.; Michael, A.; Zhang, X. Effect of chicken egg yolk antibodies (IgY) against diarrhea in domesticated animals: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2014 PloS One 9 e97716 details   doi
Corino, C.; Rossi, R.; Cannata, S.; Ratti, S. Effect of dietary linseed on the nutritional value and quality of pork and pork products: systematic review and meta-analysis 2014 Meat science 98 679-88 details   doi
Fourichon, C.; Seegers, H.; Malher, X. Effect of disease on reproduction in the dairy cow: a meta-analysis 2000 Theriogenology 53 1729-1759 details   doi
Rabiee, A.R.; Breinhild, K.; Scott, W.; Golder, H.M.; Block, E.; Lean, I.J. Effect of fat additions to diets of dairy cattle on milk production and components: a meta-analysis and meta-regression 2012 Journal of Dairy Science 95 3225-3247 details   doi
Lean, I.J.; Rabiee, A.R. Effect of feeding biotin on milk production and hoof health in lactating dairy cows: a quantitative assessment 2011 Journal of Dairy Science 94 1465-1476 details   doi
Mavrot, F.; Hertzberg, H.; Torgerson, P. Effect of gastro-intestinal nematode infection on sheep performance: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2015 Parasites and Vectors 8 557 details   doi
Besson, A.A.; Lagisz, M.; Senior, A.M.; Hector, K.L.; Nakagawa, S. Effect of maternal diet on offspring coping styles in rodents: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2015 Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society Epublication ahead of print details   doi
Collins, S.A.; Overland, M.; Skrede, A.; Drew, M.D. Effect of plant protein sources on growth rate in salmonids: meta-analysis of dietary inclusion of soybean, pea and canola/rapeseed meals and protein concentrates 2013 Aquaculture 400 85-100 details   doi
Patton, R.A. Effect of rumen-protected methionine on feed intake, milk production, true milk protein concentration, and true milk protein yield, and the factors that influence these effects: a meta-analysis 2010 Journal of Dairy Science 93 2105-2118 details   doi
Habacher, G.; Pittler, M.H.; Ernst, E. Effectiveness of acupuncture in veterinary medicine: systematic review 2006 Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine / American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine 20 480-488 details   doi
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