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Bol, S.; Bunnik, E.M. Lysine supplementation is not effective for the prevention or treatment of feline herpesvirus 1 infection in cats: a systematic review 2015 BMC Veterinary Research 11 284 details   doi
Mathie, R.T.; Clausen, J. Veterinary homeopathy: systematic review of medical conditions studied by randomised trials controlled by other than placebo 2015 BMC Veterinary Research 11 236 details   doi
Rose, N.; Toews, L.; Pang, D.S. A systematic review of clinical audit in companion animal veterinary medicine 2016 BMC Veterinary Research 12 40 details   doi
Olivry, T.; Mueller, R.S.; Prelaud, P. Critically appraised topic on adverse food reactions of companion animals (1): duration of elimination diets 2015 BMC Veterinary Research 11 225 details   doi
Uehlinger, F.D.; Johnston, A.C.; Bollinger, T.K.; Waldner, C.L. Systematic review of management strategies to control chronic wasting disease in wild deer populations in North America 2016 BMC Veterinary Research 12 173 details   url
Charalambous, M.; Shivapour, S.K.; Brodbelt, D.C.; Volk, H.A. Antiepileptic drugs' tolerability and safety--a systematic review and meta-analysis of adverse effects in dogs 2016 BMC Veterinary Research 12 79 details   doi
Martinez-Gutierrez, M.; Ruiz-Saenz, J. Diversity of susceptible hosts in canine distemper virus infection: a systematic review and data synthesis 2016 BMC Veterinary Research 12 78 details   doi
Abdi, R.D.; Agga, G.E.; Aregawi, W.G.; Bekana, M.; Van Leeuwen, T.; Delespaux, V.; Duchateau, L. A systematic review and meta-analysis of trypanosome prevalence in tsetse flies 2017 BMC Veterinary Research 13 100 details   doi
Charalambous, M.; Pakozdy, A.; Bhatti, S.F.M.; Volk, H.A. Systematic review of antiepileptic drugs' safety and effectiveness in feline epilepsy 2018 BMC Veterinary Research 14 64 details   doi
Tripp, H.M.; Step, D.L.; Krehbiel, C.R.; Moberly, H.K.; Malayer, J.R. Evaluation of outcomes in beef cattle comparing preventive health protocols utilizing viral respiratory vaccines 2013 Bovine Practitioner 47 54-64 details   url
Gibson, C.L.; Gray, L.J.; Bath, P.M.; Murphy, S.P. Progesterone for the treatment of experimental brain injury; a systematic review 2008 Brain : a Journal of Neurology 131 318-328 details   doi
Cozzi, B.; Spagnoli, S.; Bruno, L. An overview of the central nervous system of the elephant through a critical appraisal of the literature published in the XIX and XX centuries 2001 Brain Research Bulletin 54 219-227 details   doi
Faria Filho, D.E.; Torres, K.A.A.; Faria, D.E.; Campos, D.M.B.; Rosa, P.S. Probiotics for broiler chickens in Brazil: systematic review and meta-analysis 2006 Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science 8 89-98 details   doi
Martinez de Albornoz, P.; Khanna, A.; Longo, U.G.; Forriol, F.; Maffulli, N. The evidence of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound for in vitro, animal and human fracture healing 2011 British Medical Bulletin 100 39-57 details   doi
Blajman, J.E.; Frizzo, L.S.; Zbrun, M.V.; Astesana, D.M.; Fusari, M.L.; Soto, L.P.; Rosmini, M.R.; Signorini, M.L. Probiotics and broiler growth performance: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials 2014 British Poultry Science 55 483-94 details   doi
Heffernan, C.; Salman, M.; York, L. Livestock infectious disease and climate change: a review of selected literature 2012 CAB Reviews 7 1-26 details   doi
Waddell, L.A.; Rajic, A.; Sargeant, J.; Harris, J.; Amezcua, R.; Downey, L.; Read, S.; McEwen, S.A. The zoonotic potential of Mycobacterium avium spp. paratuberculosis: a systematic review 2008 Canadian Journal of Public Health 99 145-155 details   url
Dohoo, I.R.; DesCoteaux, L.; Leslie, K.; Fredeen, A.; Shewfelt, W.; Preston, A.; Dowling, P. A meta-analysis review of the effects of recombinant bovine somatotropin. 2. Effects on animal health, reproductive performance, and culling 2003 Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research 67 252-264 details   url
Dohoo, I.R.; Leslie, K.; DesCoteaux, L.; Fredeen, A.; Dowling, P.; Preston, A.; Shewfelt, W. A meta-analysis review of the effects of recombinant bovine somatotropin. 1. Methodology and effects on production 2003 Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research 67 241-251 details   url
Vengust, M. Hypercapnic respiratory acidosis: a protective or harmful strategy for critically ill newborn foals? 2012 Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research 76 275-280 details   url
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