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Mshana, S.E.; Matee, M.; Rweyemamu, M. Antimicrobial resistance in human and animal pathogens in Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Tanzania: an urgent need of a sustainable surveillance system 2013 Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials 12 28 details   doi
Nimer, J.; Lundahl, B. Animal-assisted therapy: a meta-analysis 2007 Anthrozoos 20 225-238 details   doi
Souter, M.A.; Miller, M.D. Do animal-assisted activities effectively treat depression? A meta-analysis 2007 Anthrozoos 20 167-180 details   doi
Maujean, A.; Pepping, C.A.; Kendall, E. A systematic review of randomized controlled trials of animal-assisted therapy on psychosocial outcomes 2015 Anthrozoos 28 23-36 details   doi
Newell, D.G.; Elvers, K.T.; Dopfer, D.; Hansson, I.; Jones, P.; James, S.; Gittins, J.; Stern, N.J.; Davies, R.; Connerton, I.; Pearson, D.; Salvat, G.; Allen, V.M. Biosecurity-based interventions and strategies to reduce Campylobacter spp. on poultry farms 2011 Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77 8605-8614 details   doi
Averos, X.; Brossard, L.; Dourmad, J.Y.; Greef, K.H. de; Edge, H.L.; Edwards, S.A.; Meunier-Salaun, M.C. A meta-analysis of the combined effect of housing and environmental enrichment characteristics on the behaviour and performance of pigs 2010 Applied Animal Behaviour Science 127 73-85 details   doi
Gartner, M.C.; Weiss, A. Personality in felids: a review 2013 Applied Animal Behaviour Science 144 1-13 details   doi
Collins, S.A.; Overland, M.; Skrede, A.; Drew, M.D. Effect of plant protein sources on growth rate in salmonids: meta-analysis of dietary inclusion of soybean, pea and canola/rapeseed meals and protein concentrates 2013 Aquaculture 400 85-100 details   doi
Wolf, J.C.; Wheeler, J.R. A critical review of histopathological findings associated with endocrine and non-endocrine hepatic toxicity in fish models 2018 Aquatic Toxicology 197 60-78 details   doi
Abrahao, R.M.C.M.; Nogueira, P.A.; Malucelli, M.I.C. [Meat and milk black market – bovine tuberculosis] 2005 Archives of Veterinary Science 10 1-17 details   url
Silva, V.O.; Lopes, E.; Andrade, E.F.; Sousa, R.V.; Zangeronimo, M.G.; Pereira, L.J. Use of biodiesel co-products (glycerol) as alternative sources of energy in animal nutrition: a systematic review 2014 Archivos de Medicina Veterinaria 46 111-20 details   doi
Silva, A.C.; Oberlender, G.; Mantovani, M.M.; Muzzi, R.A.L.; Pereira, L.J.; Zangeronimo, M.G. Efficacy of sildenafil therapy for pulmonary hypertension in dogs: a systematic review 2014 Archivos de Medicina Veterinaria 46 277-287 details   doi
Jayanegara, A.; Wina, E.; Takahashi, J. Meta-analysis on methane mitigating properties of saponin-rich sources in the rumen: influence of addition levels and plant sources 2014 Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 27 1426-35 details   doi
Sarvi, S.; Daryani, A.; Rahimi, M.T.; Aarabi, M.; Shokri, A.; Ahmadpour, E.; Mizani, A.; Sharif, M. Cattle toxoplasmosis in Iran: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2015 Asian Pac J Trop Med 8 120-126 details   doi
Mondal, S.; Suresh, K.P.; Nandi, S. Endocrine profiles of oestrous cycle in buffalo: a meta-analysis 2010 Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 23 169-174 details   url
Hsu, S.M.; Chen, T.H.; Wang, C.H. Efficacy of avian influenza vaccine in poultry: a meta-analysis 2010 Avian Diseases 54 1197-1209 details   doi
Denagamage, T.; Jayarao, B.; Patterson, P.; Wallner-Pendleton, E.; Kariyawasam, S. Risk Factors Associated With Salmonella in Laying Hen Farms: Systematic Review of Observational Studies 2015 Avian Diseases 59 291-302 details   doi
Dorey, N.R.; Udell, M.A.; Wynne, C.D. Breed differences in dogs sensitivity to human points: a meta-analysis 2009 Behavioural Processes 81 409-415 details   doi
McGarrity, M.E.; Sinn, D.L.; Gosling, S.D. Which personality dimensions do puppy tests measure? A systematic procedure for categorizing behavioral assays 2015 Behavioural Processes 110 117-124 details   doi
Moller, A.P.; Arriero, E.; Lobato, E.; Merino, S. A meta-analysis of parasite virulence in nestling birds 2009 Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 84 567-588 details   doi
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