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Zoidis, E.; Demiris, N.; Kominakis, A.; Pappas, A.C. Meta-analysis of selenium accumulation and expression of antioxidant enzymes in chicken tissues 2014 Animal : an International Journal of Animal Bioscience 8 542-54 details   doi
Guyader, J.; Eugene, M.; Noziere, P.; Morgavi, D.P.; Doreau, M.; Martin, C. Influence of rumen protozoa on methane emission in ruminants: a meta-analysis approach 2014 Animal : an international journal of animal bioscience 8 1816-25 details   doi
Frizzo, L.S.; Zbrun, M.V.; Soto, L.P.; Signorini, M.L. Effects of probiotics on growth performance in young calves: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials 2011 Animal Feed Science and Technology 169 147-156 details   doi
Klevenhusen, F.; Muro-Reyes, A.; Khiaosa-Ard, R.; Metzler-Zebeli, B.U.; Zebeli, Q. A meta-analysis of effects of chemical composition of incubated diet and bioactive compounds on in vitro ruminal fermentation 2012 Animal Feed Science and Technology 176 61-69 details   doi
Lean, I.J.; Celi, P.; Raadsma, H.; McNamara, J.; Rabiee, A.R. Effects of dietary crude protein on fertility: meta-analysis and meta-regression 2012 Animal Feed Science and Technology 171 31-42 details   doi
Dzikamunhenga, R.S.; Anthony, R.; Coetzee, J.; Gould, S.; Johnson, A.; Karriker, L.; McKean, J.; Millman, S.T.; Niekamp, S.R.; O'Connor, A.M. Pain management in the neonatal piglet during routine management procedures. Part 1: a systematic review of randomized and non-randomized intervention studies 2014 Animal Health Research Reviews 15 14-38 details   doi
O'Connor, A.; Anthony, R.; Bergamasco, L.; Coetzee, J.; Gould, S.; Johnson, A.K.; Karriker, L.A.; Marchant-Forde, J.N.; Martineau, G.S.; McKean, J.; Millman, S.T.; Niekamp, S.; Pajor, E.A.; Rutherford, K.; Sprague, M.; Sutherland, M.; Borell, E. von; Dzikamunhenga, R.S. Pain management in the neonatal piglet during routine management procedures. Part 2: Grading the quality of evidence and the strength of recommendations 2014 Animal Health Research Reviews 15 39-62 details   doi
Francoz, D.; Wellemans, V.; Roy, J.P.; Lacasse, P.; Ordonez-Iturriaga, A.; Labelle, F.; Dufour, S. Non-antibiotic approaches at drying-off for treating and preventing intramammary infections: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis 2016 Animal Health Research Reviews 17 169-175 details   doi
O'Connor, A.M.; Wellman, N.G.; Evans, R.B.; Roth, D.R. A review of randomized clinical trials reporting antibiotic treatment of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis in cattle 2006 Animal Health Research Reviews / Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases 7 119-127 details   doi
Trevennec, K.; Cowling, B.J.; Peyre, M.; Baudon, E.; Martineau, G.P.; Roger, F. Swine influenza surveillance in East and Southeast Asia: a systematic review 2011 Animal Health Research Reviews / Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases 12 213-223 details   doi
Ortiz-Rodea, A.; Noriega-Carrillo, A.; Salem, A.Z.M.; Castelan Ortega, O.; Gonzalez-Ronquillo, M. The use of exogenous enzymes in dairy cattle on milk production and their chemical composition: a meta-analysis. (Special Issue: Exogenous enzymes in animal nutrition – Benefits and limitations.) 2013 Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology 13 399-409 details   url
Beckett, S.D.; Lean, I.J. Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone in postpartum dairy cattle: a meta-analysis of effects on reproductive efficiency 1997 Animal Reproduction Science 48 93-112 details   doi
Bettley, C.D.; Cardwell, J.M.; Collins, L.M.; Asher, L. A review of scientific literature on inherited disorders in domestic horse breeds 2012 Animal Welfare 21 59-64 details   url
Freire, R.; Cowling, A. The welfare of laying hens in conventional cages and alternative systems: first steps towards a quantitative comparison 2013 Animal Welfare 22 57-65 details   doi
Proctor, H.S.; Carder, G.; Cornish, A.R. Searching for animal sentience: a systematic review of the scientific literature 2013 Animals 3 882-906 details   doi
Clark, B.; Frewer, L.J.; Panzone, L.A.; Stewart, G.B. The Need for Formal Evidence Synthesis in Food Policy: A Case Study of Willingness-to-Pay 2017 Animals (Basel) 7 details   doi
Berget, B.; Braastad, B.O. Animal-assisted therapy with farm animals for persons with psychiatric disorders 2011 Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanita 47 384-390 details   doi
Samadi, S.; Wouters, I.M.; Heederik, D.J. A review of bio-aerosol exposures and associated health effects in veterinary practice 2013 Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine 20 206-221 details   url
Arrighi, S. The urothelium: anatomy, review of the literature, perspectives for veterinary medicine 2015 Annals of Anatomy = Anatomischer Anzeiger : official organ of the Anatomische Gesellschaft 198 73-82 details   doi
Mshana, S.E.; Matee, M.; Rweyemamu, M. Antimicrobial resistance in human and animal pathogens in Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Tanzania: an urgent need of a sustainable surveillance system 2013 Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials 12 28 details   doi
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