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van Luijk, J.; Bakker, B.; Rovers, M.M.; Ritskes-Hoitinga, M.; de Vries, R.B.; Leenaars, M. Systematic reviews of animal studies; missing link in translational research? 2014 PLoS One 9 e89981 details   doi
Halsby, K.D.; Walsh, A.L.; Campbell, C.; Hewitt, K.; Morgan, D. Healthy animals, healthy people: zoonosis risk from animal contact in pet shops, a systematic review of the literature 2014 PLoS One 9 e89309 details   doi
Messenger, A.M.; Barnes, A.N.; Gray, G.C. Reverse zoonotic disease transmission (zooanthroponosis): a systematic review of seldom-documented human biological threats to animals 2014 PLoS One 9 e89055 details   doi
Zammarchi, L.; Strohmeyer, M.; Bartalesi, F.; Bruno, E.; Munoz, J.; Buonfrate, D.; Nicoletti, A.; Garcia, H.H.; Pozio, E.; Bartoloni, A. Epidemiology and management of cysticercosis and Taenia solium taeniasis in Europe, systematic review 1990-2011 2013 PLoS One 8 e69537 details   doi
Fratkin, J.L.; Sinn, D.L.; Patall, E.A.; Gosling, S.D. Personality consistency in dogs: a meta-analysis 2013 PloS One 8 e54907 details   doi
Hockings, K.J.; McLennan, M.R. From forest to farm: systematic review of cultivar feeding by chimpanzees--management implications for wildlife in anthropogenic landscapes 2012 PLoS One 7 e33391 details   doi
Mills, D.S.; Redgate, S.E.; Landsberg, G.M. A meta-analysis of studies of treatments for feline urine spraying 2011 PLoS One 6 e18448 details   doi
Van Kerkhove, M.D.; Mumford, E.; Mounts, A.W.; Bresee, J.; Ly, S.; Bridges, C.B.; Otte, J. Highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1): pathways of exposure at the animal-human interface, a systematic review 2011 PLoS One 6 e14582 details   doi
Dorea, J.R.R.; Danes, M.A.C.; Zanton, G.I.; Armentano, L.E. Urinary purine derivatives as a tool to estimate dry matter intake in cattle: A meta-analysis 2017 Journal of Dairy Science 100 8977-8994 details   doi
Newell, D.G.; Elvers, K.T.; Dopfer, D.; Hansson, I.; Jones, P.; James, S.; Gittins, J.; Stern, N.J.; Davies, R.; Connerton, I.; Pearson, D.; Salvat, G.; Allen, V.M. Biosecurity-based interventions and strategies to reduce Campylobacter spp. on poultry farms 2011 Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77 8605-8614 details   doi
Jones, B.A.; Grace, D.; Kock, R.; Alonso, S.; Rushton, J.; Said, M.Y.; McKeever, D.; Mutua, F.; Young, J.; McDermott, J.; Pfeiffer, D.U. Zoonosis emergence linked to agricultural intensification and environmental change 2013 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110 8399-8404 details   doi
Dettenmaier, S.J.; Messmer, T.A.; Hovick, T.J.; Dahlgren, D.K. Effects of livestock grazing on rangeland biodiversity: A meta-analysis of grouse populations 2017 Ecology and Evolution 7 7620-7627 details   doi
Raboisson, D.; Mounie, M.; Maigne, E. Diseases, reproductive performance, and changes in milk production associated with subclinical ketosis in dairy cows: A meta-analysis and review 2014 Journal of Dairy Science 97 7547-63 details   doi
Phuong, H.N.; Friggens, N.C.; de Boer, I.J.; Schmidely, P. Factors affecting energy and nitrogen efficiency of dairy cows: A meta-analysis 2013 Journal of Dairy Science 96 7245-7259 details   doi
Robinson, S.A.; Lajeunesse, M.J.; Forbes, M.R. Sex differences in mercury contamination of birds: testing multiple hypotheses with meta-analysis 2012 Environmental Science & Technology 46 7094-7101 details   doi
Zanton, G.I.; Bowman, G.R.; Vazquez-Anon, M.; Rode, L.M. Meta-analysis of the lactation performance in dairy cows receiving supplemental dietary methionine sources or postruminal infusion of methionine 2014 Journal of Dairy Science 97 7085-101 details   doi
Rabiee, A.R.; Lean, I.J. The effect of internal teat sealant products (Teatseal and Orbeseal) on intramammary infection, clinical mastitis, and somatic cell counts in lactating dairy cows: A meta-analysis 2013 Journal of Dairy Science 96 6915-6931 details   doi
Perez-Prieto, L.A.; Delagarde, R. Meta-analysis of the effect of pasture allowance on pasture intake, milk production, and grazing behavior of dairy cows grazing temperate grasslands 2013 Journal of Dairy Science 96 6671-6689 details   doi
Haimerl, P.; Heuwieser, W. Invited review: Antibiotic treatment of metritis in dairy cows: A systematic approach 2014 Journal of Dairy Science 97 6649-61 details   doi
Reyher, K.K.; Haine, D.; Dohoo, I.R.; Revie, C.W. Examining the effect of intramammary infections with minor mastitis pathogens on the acquisition of new intramammary infections with major mastitis pathogens--a systematic review and meta-analysis 2012 Journal of Dairy Science 95 6483-6502 details   doi
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