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Olivry, T.; Saridomichelakis, M. Evidence-based guidelines for anti-allergic drug withdrawal times before allergen-specific intradermal and IgE serological tests in dogs 2013 Veterinary Dermatology 24 225-249 details   doi
Onono, J.O.; Wieland, B.; Rushton, J. Productivity in different cattle production systems in Kenya 2013 Tropical Animal Health and Production 45 423-430 details   doi
Ortiz-Rodea, A.; Noriega-Carrillo, A.; Salem, A.Z.M.; Castelan Ortega, O.; Gonzalez-Ronquillo, M. The use of exogenous enzymes in dairy cattle on milk production and their chemical composition: a meta-analysis. (Special Issue: Exogenous enzymes in animal nutrition – Benefits and limitations.) 2013 Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology 13 399-409 details   url
Otero-Abad, B.; Torgerson, P.R. A systematic review of the epidemiology of echinococcosis in domestic and wild animals 2013 PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 7 e2249 details   doi
Owens, S.L.; Parnell, N.K. What is the evidence? Portosystemic shunt in a dog 2011 Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 238 859-861 details   doi
Paillot, R. A systematic review of the immune-modulators Parapoxvirus ovis and Propionibacterium acnes for the prevention of respiratory disease and other infections in the horse 2013 Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 153 1-9 details   doi
Palacin, I.; Forcada, F.; Abecia, J.A. Meta-analysis of the efficacy of melatonin implants for improving reproductive performance in sheep 2011 Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 9 730-743 details   doi
Papp, H.; Matthijnssens, J.; Martella, V.; Ciarlet, M.; Banyai, K. Global distribution of group A rotavirus strains in horses: A systematic review 2013 Vaccine 31 5627-5633 details   doi
Patronek, G.J.; Rauch, A. Systematic review of comparative studies examining alternatives to the harmful use of animals in biomedical education 2007 Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 230 37-43 details   doi
Patton, R.A. Effect of rumen-protected methionine on feed intake, milk production, true milk protein concentration, and true milk protein yield, and the factors that influence these effects: a meta-analysis 2010 Journal of Dairy Science 93 2105-2118 details   doi
Peachey, L.E.; Pinchbeck, G.L.; Matthews, J.B.; Burden, F.A.; Mulugeta, G.; Scantlebury, C.E.; Hodgkinson, J.E. An evidence-based approach to the evaluation of ethnoveterinary medicines against strongyle nematodes of equids 2015 Vet Parasitol 210 40-52 details   doi
Pedersen, K.S.; Holyoake, P.; Stege, H.; Nielsen, J.P. Diagnostic performance of different fecal Lawsonia intracellularis-specific polymerase chain reaction assays as diagnostic tests for proliferative enteropathy in pigs: a review 2010 Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 22 487-494 details   doi
Peixoto, H.M.; de Oliveira, M.R.; Romero, G.A. Serological diagnosis of canine visceral leishmaniasis in brazil: systematic review and meta-analysis 2015 Tropical Medicine & International Health : TM & IH 20 334-52 details   doi
Pereira, U.P.; Oliveira, D.G.; Mesquita, L.R.; Costa, G.M.; Pereira, L.J. Efficacy of Staphylococcus aureus vaccines for bovine mastitis: a systematic review 2011 Veterinary Microbiology 148 117-124 details   doi
Perez-Prieto, L.A.; Delagarde, R. Meta-analysis of the effect of pasture allowance on pasture intake, milk production, and grazing behavior of dairy cows grazing temperate grasslands 2013 Journal of Dairy Science 96 6671-6689 details   doi
Perez-Prieto, L.A.; Delagarde, R. Meta-analysis of the effect of pregrazing pasture mass on pasture intake, milk production, and grazing behavior of dairy cows strip-grazing temperate grasslands 2012 Journal of Dairy Science 95 5317-5330 details   doi
Peters, A.R.; Martinez, T.A.; Cook, A.J. A meta-analysis of studies of the effect of GnRH 11-14 days after insemination on pregnancy rates in cattle 2000 Theriogenology 54 1317-1326 details   doi
Phiri, B.J.; Benschop, J.; French, N.P. Systematic review of causes and factors associated with morbidity and mortality on smallholder dairy farms in eastern and southern Africa 2010 Preventive Veterinary Medicine 94 1-8 details   doi
Phuong, H.N.; Friggens, N.C.; de Boer, I.J.; Schmidely, P. Factors affecting energy and nitrogen efficiency of dairy cows: A meta-analysis 2013 Journal of Dairy Science 96 7245-7259 details   doi
Pilcher, J.; Weatherall, M.; Shirtcliffe, P.; Bellomo, R.; Young, P.; Beasley, R. The effect of hyperoxia following cardiac arrest – A systematic review and meta-analysis of animal trials 2012 Resuscitation 83 417-422 details   doi
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