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Million, M.; Angelakis, E.; Paul, M.; Armougom, F.; Leibovici, L.; Raoult, D. Comparative meta-analysis of the effect of Lactobacillus species on weight gain in humans and animals 2012 Microbial Pathogenesis 53 100-108 details   doi
Mills, D.S.; Redgate, S.E.; Landsberg, G.M. A meta-analysis of studies of treatments for feline urine spraying 2011 PLoS One 6 e18448 details   doi
Mirnejad, R.; Jazi, F.M.; Mostafaei, S.; Sedighi, M. Epidemiology of brucellosis in Iran: A comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis study 2017 Microb Pathog 109 239-247 details   doi
Mitchell, R.M.; Medley, G.F.; Collins, M.T.; Schukken, Y.H. A meta-analysis of the effect of dose and age at exposure on shedding of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) in experimentally infected calves and cows 2012 Epidemiology and Infection 140 231-246 details   doi
Mitsunaga Junior, J.K.; Gragnani, A.; Ramos, M.L.; Ferreira, L.M. Rat an experimental model for burns: a systematic review 2012 Acta cirurgica brasileira / Sociedade Brasileira para Desenvolvimento Pesquisa em Cirurgia 27 417-423 details   doi
Moate, P.J.; Chalupa, W.; Boston, R.C.; Lean, I.J. Milk fatty acids II: prediction of the production of individual fatty acids in bovine milk 2008 Journal of Dairy Science 91 1175-1188 details   doi
Moate, P.J.; Chalupa, W.; Boston, R.C.; Lean, I.J. Milk fatty acids. I. Variation in the concentration of individual fatty acids in bovine milk 2007 Journal of Dairy Science 90 4730-4739 details   doi
Mohabbati Mobarez, A.; Bagheri Amiri, F.; Esmaeili, S. Seroprevalence of Q fever among human and animal in Iran; A systematic review and meta-analysis 2017 PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 11 e0005521 details   doi
Moller, A.P.; Arriero, E.; Lobato, E.; Merino, S. A meta-analysis of parasite virulence in nestling birds 2009 Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 84 567-588 details   doi
Mondal, S.; Suresh, K.P.; Nandi, S. Endocrine profiles of oestrous cycle in buffalo: a meta-analysis 2010 Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 23 169-174 details   url
Monteiro-Steagall, B.P.; Steagall, P.V.; Lascelles, B.D. Systematic review of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced adverse effects in dogs 2013 Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 27 1011-1019 details   doi
Monti, G.E.; Frankena, K. Survival analysis on aggregate data to assess time to sero-conversion after experimental infection with Bovine Leukemia virus 2005 Preventive Veterinary Medicine 68 241-262 details   doi
Moodley, A.; Damborg, P.; Nielsen, S.S. Antimicrobial resistance in methicillin susceptible and methicillin resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius of canine origin: literature review from 1980 to 2013 2014 Veterinary Microbiology 171 337-41 details   doi
Moser, E.; McCulloch, M. Canine scent detection of human cancers: a review of methods and accuracy 2010 Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research 5 145-152 details   doi
Mshana, S.E.; Matee, M.; Rweyemamu, M. Antimicrobial resistance in human and animal pathogens in Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Tanzania: an urgent need of a sustainable surveillance system 2013 Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials 12 28 details   doi
Mueller, K.F.; Briel, M.; Strech, D.; Meerpohl, J.J.; Lang, B.; Motschall, E.; Gloy, V.; Lamontagne, F.; Bassler, D. Dissemination bias in systematic reviews of animal research: a systematic review 2014 PloS one 9 e116016 details   doi
Mueller, R.S.; Bergvall, K.; Bensignor, E.; Bond, R. A review of topical therapy for skin infections with bacteria and yeast 2012 Veterinary Dermatology 23 330-41, e62 details   doi
Muir, W.W.; Ueyama, Y.; Noel-Morgan, J.; Kilborne, A.; Page, J. A Systematic Review of the Quality of IV Fluid Therapy in Veterinary Medicine 2017 Frontiers in Veterinary Science 4 127 details   doi
Mulero-Pazmany, M.; Jenni-Eiermann, S.; Strebel, N.; Sattler, T.; Negro, J.J.; Tablado, Z. Unmanned aircraft systems as a new source of disturbance for wildlife: A systematic review 2017 PLoS One 12 e0178448 details   doi
Munsterman, A.S.; Kottwitz, J.J.; Reid Hanson, R. Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Adhesion Barriers on Adhesion Formation in the Horse 2016 Veterinary Surgery 45 587-595 details   url
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