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Rodney, R.M.; Celi, P.; Scott, W.; Breinhild, K.; Lean, I.J. Effects of dietary fat on fertility of dairy cattle: A meta-analysis and meta-regression 2015 Journal of Dairy Science 98 5601-5620 details   doi
Robinson, S.A.; Lajeunesse, M.J.; Forbes, M.R. Sex differences in mercury contamination of birds: testing multiple hypotheses with meta-analysis 2012 Environmental Science & Technology 46 7094-7101 details   doi
Robert, A.; Seegers, H.; Bareille, N. Incidence of intramammary infections during the dry period without or with antibiotic treatment in dairy cows--a quantitative analysis of published data 2006 Veterinary Research 37 25-48 details   doi
Rios T, S.; Rios O, L. [Principal molecular markers used to identify Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina] 2011 Revista MVZ Cordoba 16 2470-2483 details   url
Richter, V.; Lebl, K.; Baumgartner, W.; Obritzhauser, W.; Kasbohrer, A.; Pinior, B. A systematic worldwide review of the direct monetary losses in cattle due to bovine viral diarrhoea virus infection 2017 The Veterinary Journal 220 80-87 details   doi
Rhind, S.M.; Baillie, S.; Brown, F.; Hammick, M.; Dozier, M. Assessing competence in veterinary medical education: where's the evidence? 2008 Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 35 407-411 details   doi
Reyher, K.K.; Haine, D.; Dohoo, I.R.; Revie, C.W. Examining the effect of intramammary infections with minor mastitis pathogens on the acquisition of new intramammary infections with major mastitis pathogens--a systematic review and meta-analysis 2012 Journal of Dairy Science 95 6483-6502 details   doi
Retes, P.L.; Clemente, A.H.S.; Neves, D.G.; Esposito, M.; Makiyama, L.; Alvarenga, R.R.; Pereira, L.J.; Zangeronimo, M.G. In ovo feeding of carbohydrates for broilers-a systematic review 2017 Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition Epublication ahead of print details   doi
Reppert, E.J. Evidence for the use of ceftiofur for treatment of metritis in dairy cattle. (Special Issue: Bovine clinical pharmacology.) 2015 Veterinary Clinics of North America, Food Animal Practice 31 139-149 details   doi
Renaudeau, D.; Gourdine, J.L.; St-Pierre, N.R. A meta-analysis of the effects of high ambient temperature on growth performance of growing-finishing pigs 2011 Journal of Animal Science 89 2220-2230 details   doi
Reichel, M.P.; Alejandra Ayanegui-Alcerreca, M.; Gondim, L.F.; Ellis, J.T. What is the global economic impact of Neospora caninum in cattle – the billion dollar question 2013 International Journal for Parasitology 43 133-142 details   doi
Reed, R.; Ferrer, L.; Villegas, N. Natural healers: a review of animal assisted therapy and activities as complementary treatment for chronic conditions 2012 Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem 20 612-618 details   doi
Rangel, S.J.; Pare, J.; Dore, E.; Arango, J.C.; Cote, G.; Buczinski, S.; Labrecque, O.; Fairbrother, J.H.; Roy, J.P.; Wellemans, V.; Fecteau, G. A systematic review of risk factors associated with the introduction of Mycobacterium avium spp. paratuberculosis (MAP) into dairy herds 2015 The Canadian Veterinary Journal. La Revue Veterinaire Canadienne 56 169-177 details   url
Rahimi, M.T.; Daryani, A.; Sarvi, S.; Shokri, A.; Ahmadpour, E.; Teshnizi, S.H.; Mizani, A.; Sharif, M. Cats and Toxoplasma gondii: A systematic review and meta-analysis in Iran 2015 The Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 82 823 details   doi
Radia, D.; Bond, K.; Limon, G.; van Winden, S.; Guitian, J. Relationship between periparturient management, prevalence of MAP and preventable economic losses in UK dairy herds 2013 Veterinary Record 12 343 details   doi
Raboisson, D.; Mounie, M.; Maigne, E. Diseases, reproductive performance, and changes in milk production associated with subclinical ketosis in dairy cows: A meta-analysis and review 2014 Journal of Dairy Science 97 7547-63 details   doi
Raboisson, D.; Albaaj, A.; Nonne, G.; Foucras, G. High urea and pregnancy or conception in dairy cows: A meta-analysis to define the appropriate urea threshold 2017 Journal of Dairy Science details   doi
Rabinowitz, P.M.; Cullen, M.R.; Lake, H.R. Wildlife as sentinels for human health hazards: a review of study designs 1999 Journal of Environmental Medicine 1 217-224 details   doi
Rabinowitz, P.; Wiley, J.; Odofin, L.; Wilcox, M.; Dein, F.J. Animals as sentinels of chemical terrorism agents: an evidence-based review 2008 Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.) 46 93-100 details   doi
Rabinowitz, P.; Gordon, Z.; Chudnov, D.; Wilcox, M.; Odofin, L.; Liu, A.; Dein, J. Animals as sentinels of bioterrorism agents 2006 Emerging Infectious Diseases 12 647-652 details   doi
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